2019 Ride Recipients

Heater Family


Brad Heater has been with the OPPD for 11 years.  Brad has served on the OPPD Honor Guard Unit and is a former Marine. Brad and his wife Anna have three beautiful children.  In April 2018, Anna discovered a lump in her breast and underwent a lumpectomy and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma stage 3, grade 3 with lymph node involvement.  Anna has finished chemo treatment and radition treatments.  She has undergone on surgery and ahs 1 – 3 more this summer for reconstruction.

Lindbloom Family


Blake Lindbloom started his career in 2005 as a firefighter at Northwest Consolidated Fire District in De Soto, KS.  He worked his way up at the Fire Department and left in 2015 ranking as a Master Firefighter. He then began his career at the JOCO Sheriff’s Office.  He served as a Jail Deputy and recently moved to a Patrol Deputy.  In March 2018, Blake was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer.  Due to cancer spreading to several places, it is incurable and terminal.  Blake is fighter for time with his family.

Olsen Family


Sarah Olsen has been with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department for 7 years. In May 2018 she was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Although ALS does not have a cure, Sarah has said, “Somebody, somewhere, is going to survive it.  I don’t know why it can’t be me”.

She is a step-mother, a daugther, a sister, an aunt and a friend to so many who now cal themselves, “Sarah’s Soldiers”.  Sarah knows she may be short on time but has vowed to not only be resilient and fight this battle head on, but also to educate people about ALS>

Pagel Family


Jeff Pagel has been with IPD for 12 years. His wife Angela is a second grade teacher at Prairie Branch Elementary in Grain Valley, MO.  Jeff and Angela have three beautiful children.  In September of  2018 Angela passed out while tending to their 6 day old daugther.  Jeff called 911 and Angela had emergency brain surgery.  Angela suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke caused by a brain bleed.  Angel has a long road of rehab ahead of her at an out of town facility.

Sielert Family


Harold Sielert retired from the Lenexa Fire Department in 2009 after 21 years of service.  During his time with the LFD Harold was a well-respected Firefighter known for his patience, humor and storytelling ability.  In May 2018 Harold was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor called a gliobastoma.  Harold has begun treatment which has helped alleviate many of his symptoms and slow the growth of the tumor.  Harold would lie to thank his brothers & sisters in uniform for their continued support and faithful service.

Wells Family


Michael Wells is a 13 year Veteran of the LFD. Mike and his wife, Katie, have children. Mike was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer that has spread to other parts of his body.  Despite his diagnosis Mike has decided to face his cancer head-on with the help of his doctors, family and his brothers and sisters at the Lenexa FD.  Mike refuses to give in and has selected the “Choose the Wrench” has his fighting mantra!