2022 KC Guns 'N Hoses Ride Recipients

Sarah Nauser

Sarah Nauser started her career in law enforcement with the Blue Springs Police Department. In January 2012, she was hired by the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. However, in 2018, Sarah was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In 2020, she had to retire because of the progression of the disease. During this time, Sarah has not only continued to educate people about ALS, she has helped change law by advocating to get ACT for ALS passed. It will allow all people living with ALS to access drugs or treatments currently in phase 3 trials. Sarah is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a stepmother, even a grandma, and a friend to many who call themselves #SarahsSoldiers. Her mission is to educate the world about ALS and inspire them to #FightLikeAGirl. However, as independent as she wants to be, she and her husband, Lonnie (a KCPD captain), need your help. The average cost for an ALS patient’s care is $200,000 per year. She doesn’t currently qualify for any financial assistance. Sarah is resilient and has vowed to fight this battle head on! We will stand behind her. We are strong. We are #SarahsSoldiers!

Dusty Bernhardt

Dusty Bernhardt has worked for the Johnson County Kansas Sheriff’s Office for 26 years. It has been a rewarding career, and he is currently assigned to the Investigations Unit. His cancer journey started in March of 2020 with what, at the time, seemed like an innocuous cough. After the cough started, he then noticed a lot of blood came up when he would clear his throat. Doctors scheduled a scan, and it showed a fist-sized tumor growing next to his trachea. A biopsy confirmed that the tumor was Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

The symptoms he was experiencing were the result of the tumor growing through to the inside of his trachea. After two tough years of radiation and surgeries, doctors have told Dusty that his cancer can’t be cured. Their hopes are that they can slow it down, extending the longevity of his life through different treatments.

Being diagnosed with cancer has been an emotional roller coaster for him and his family. His wife has been his rock, and his three children have been a constant support system. It’s hard for him not to think about it, but in the end, his motto is, “I don’t dwell on the negative and just try to stay hopeful for the future”.