We are honored to announce that the recipients for the
2017 benefit ride have been selected.

The Argeropoulos Family:

Paul began his career in law enforcement in Wyandotte County. He joined the Paola Police Department in October of 2003 where he served as a patrolman, a School Resource Officer, and detective. He married his wife Mary Kathryn in 2003. The family has five children: Paul's two adult daughters, an 11 year old son and twins who are almost 7. In November of 2014, Paul became ill with what seemed like the flu. Unfortunately, he did not get better and further testing revealed Paul's kidneys were shutting down. In late 2015, Paul underwent a total nephrectomy of the left kidney after several other complications. Shortly after surgery, Paul started to experience weakness in his legs. This only got worse and in September of 2016 he was diagnosed with CIDP by the Mayo Clinic. His immune system was attacking the insulation around the nerves in his legs. Paul is currently undergoing several treatments and dialysis once a week while waiting for his kidney transplant. These treatments and medications are costly to say the least. After a transplant delay and several complications, his hope is to stay healthy for the transplant and bounce back for his family.

The Hayes Family:

Jake has been with the Gardner Police Department for the past eleven years and is currently a sergeant. Kim, his wife, has been a dispatcher for the Leawood Police Department for the past seven years and dispatched for Olathe prior to that. They met while working at the Union County Sheriff's Office in South Dakota. They have been married for fourteen years and have two daughters, ages 5 and 7. Kim was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer on December 8, 2016. She began chemotherapy on December 15th and will have treatment every three weeks for the next year. The first six treatments consist of four drugs that have caused severe side effects that leave her unable to care for herself or the girls. The remaining treatments will be a single drug that should not have symptoms quite as severe. She will undergo surgery in April and have six weeks of radiation that will take place five days a week after the surgery. Some of the diagnostic tests ordered by Kim's oncologist are not covered by insurance and both Kim and Jake have had to take time off work following each treatment. Kim wants nothing more than to beat this cancer and get back to being the healthy mother her girls deserve!

The Rath Family:

Shawn has been with the Lee's Summit Police Department for the past ten years where he is currently a detective. In total, Shawn has nineteen years in law enforcement. Shawn is also a US Veteran who has served in the Coast Guard and in the Missouri National Guard. He has been married to his wife, Kari, for sixteen years and have an eight year old son. Shawn was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma cancer in May of 2015, an incurable fast spreading cancer. He has received over 35 treatments to date of the newest immunotherapy as well as radiation to control the cancer's growth. Current focus is on the major tumors at the base of his spine in his sacrum bone as well as in his brain, and they are also treating side effects from all the medications and managing Shawn's severe pain. Shawn and his wife miss work due to traveling for regular treatments and hospital visits both here in Kansas and trips to MD Anderson in Houston. These trips are for trial opportunities and surgery options due to the cancer site in his sacrum being very rare and difficult to treat. Traveling expenses, missed wages, as well as the ongoing copays and out of pocket costs continue to accrue as Shawn will literally have treatments indefinitely since there are no known cures. Shawn tells us that he strives to continue the fight for himself, his family and his community!

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