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Jun 08, 2019
KC Guns N Hoses Benefit Ride
Westside Family Church
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We are honored to announce that the recipients for the
2018 benefit ride have been selected.

The Covington Family:

Antoinette has been with the Overland Park Police Department for 13 years. She has served as a patrol officer, a D.A.R.E. officer and she is currently a School Resource Officer in the Blue Valley School district. Antoinette and her husband Mike, have been married for 10 years. Antoinette has a 17 year old son named Austin. Mike and Antoinette also have two younger sons named William (8 years old) and Daniel (6 years old).

In September of 2017, Antoinette decided to upgrade to a 3D mammogram for her annual check. She was called back due to a "suspicious" area on the test. After her second mammogram and biopsy, she learned she had Stage 1A Triple Negative Breast Cancer and started treatment in October.
While the mammogram caught the cancer early, Antoinette learned treatment for this type of aggressive breast cancer is limited. Antoinette completed 8 rounds of chemo and has a double mastectomy with reconstruction scheduled for March 2018.

The Blue Valley School community and Overland Park Police Department community has been overwhelmingly supportive and has helped cover meals for her family while she went through her cancer treatments. Antoinette looks forward to healing and being cancer free and hopes to educate everyone she can on the benefit of early breast cancer detection

The Sparks Family:

James Sparks has been with the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department since January of 2000, and has a 13-year-old daughter named Sophia.

In late 2016, James started experiencing intermittent muscle weaknesses which increased in frequency and severity. In January 2017, these occurrences prohibited James from being able to do his job and forced him to seek medical assistance. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.
James is undergoing treatment with Radicava, a medicine proven to help extend lives of ALS patients up to 30%. Since there is no known cure for ALS, James has also been seeking holistic treatments to help prolong his life. Finally, he is pursuing a clinical trial with Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics which shows promise of reducing, eliminating, and reversing symptoms in patients with ALS. So far, James has traveled to San Francisco twice for preliminary testing. If accepted into the clinical trial, James and a caregiver will need to travel to San Francisco at least 13 more times to receive the treatments. With the exception of Radicava, none of the supplements, treatments, or travel expenses are covered by James's insurance.

James has been staunchly battling this disease with the hope of prolonging his time with his daughter. He is hopeful that his efforts to remain as healthy as possible will buy enough time for medical advances to find a cure.

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