2024 Guns 'N Hoses Honorary Family

The Muniz Family

Muniz Family

Tyler Muniz has been a Fire Fighter with the Johnson County Fire District #1 for five years and the fire service for ten years.Tyler and BreAnna have two wonderful children, Breck (4) and Madison (20 months). While Breck has always been easygoing, Madison has faced challenges from the start. Her parents noticed developmental delays and knew something wasn’t quite right. Determined to find answers and help their daughter, they embarked on a long journey. Thankfully their paths crossed with a local Pediatric Neurologist who was determined to find answers for this young family.

After three rounds of expensive genetic tests for the entire family, they finally received a diagnosis on January 10th, 2023. The news was life-changing: Madison has an incredibly rare genetic disorder called PGAP#1. In fact, she’s the only known case in North America and one of only 22 worldwide. It was a miracle she was even alive.

The diagnosis marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Muniz family. As expected, the financial burden is immense. Treatments, physical therapy, special foods, doctor visits, and everyday living expenses, coupled with caring for Breck, have taken a toll on their finances and emotions.

As the 2024 GNH Honorary Family, the Muniz family will receive proceeds from fundraising efforts throughout the year to assist with their daily needs as they try to navigate the journey and struggles, they currently face. Throughout the year GUNS ‘N HOSES will continue to sponsor additional families as the need arises.